Activating LimitOS

LimitOS is designed to be run on a Raspberry Pi that already has Raspberry Pi OS (Buster) installed.

Quick start on a Raspberry Pi:

curl -sS | bash

What the activation script does:

  1. Downloads Python 3 modules
  2. Adds the LimitOS script
  3. Registers a new device

What you'll need:

  • A Raspberry Pi with an internet connection

Detailed activation steps:

  1. Install Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) (codename Buster). The newest Raspberry Pi OS version (Bullseye) is not backward compatible with LimitOS.
  2. Log in as a root user on your Raspberry Pi (default username is "pi", default password is "raspberry")
  3. Type (or copy/paste) the following command: curl -sS | bash
  4. When you see a registration code appear, go to (on any device) and type in your registration code

Arduino setup:

LimitOS also be run on an Arduino that is connected to a Raspberry Pi via I2C:
  1. Connect the Arduino to a Raspberry Pi using I2C by connecting the ground, SDA, and SCL pins on the Arduino to the same pins on the Raspberry Pi.
  2. Copy and paste the customized Arduino script from your device page into the Arduino IDE and upload to the device.
Please see the I2C page for more information.

Removing LimitOS

To pause LimitOS on your device:
systemctl --user stop limitos
systemctl --user disable limitos

To completely remove LimitOS from your device:
rm limitos*