Pin Types

  • input - digital or analog: used to receive input from a pin (for example a button or potentiometer), which can then be output to another pin
  • output - digital: used for digital on/off output (for example a single-color digital LED light)
  • output - servo or motor: used for controlling servos or motors through an Arduino

Output Pins

Any input pin can have its data redirected to an output pin. If the output pin is on another device, edit the device and use the "Broadcast to device" option to specify the device that will receive the output.


  • To turn a light on or off, use a digital output pin on a Raspberry Pi
  • To control a motor via the web, use a servo pin on an Arduino that's attached via I2C to a Rasperry Pi
  • To use a potentiometer to control a servo, set the potentiometer as an input pin and redirect output to the servo