What you'll be building

In this tutorial you'll hook up a physical push button so that pushing it changes the on or off state within the LimitOS web application. Combined with other tutorials, you can then push a physical button and turn something else on and off across the internet.


  • Raspberry Pi connected to the internet
  • Circuit materials: push button, breadboard, wires, 10k ohm resistor

Step 1: Set up the circuit

Connect the button to GPIO pin 17, and ground it using a 10k ohm resistor.

Step 2: Run LimitOS on the Raspberry Pi

LimitOS runs on top of Raspberry Pi OS (Buster), and can be run via:
curl -sS https://limitos.com/run | bash

Follow the on-screen instructions to register the device afterwards.

Step 3: Set up the device on the LimitOS website

Add pin 17 as a digital input, and you can then push the button and see the on/off state on the LimitOS webpage.